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If you have never done it before, fly-casting is a bit like learning to ride a bike. You wobble at first but once you have got the hang of it it is something you never forget. A little help at the start can vastly speed the learning process, steer you clear of potentially bad habits that are difficult to eradicate once got into and prevent you from acquiring unwanted piercings! Most importantly, it will rapidly put you into a position to start catching fish.

Sometimes you need more than a little help from your friends



Lessons can be tailored to your particular requirements but are aimed at beginners and more experienced anglers unfamiliar with fly fishing or fly fishing small stillwaters. For beginners tuition in basic fly-casting is provided together with essential entomology and the artificial flies used to imitate the trout's favourite foods, fly presentation and retrieval techniques, knots, fish behaviour and the affects of weather and light conditions on this. General watercraft and fishing techniques, including how to play and land a fish, are also covered. Tuition is available for both adults and children but in the case of the latter they must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their safety and well-being.

Two need to know knots

​First lesson, first fish!

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